Best Home Theater Under 10000 In India 2021

It becomes very important to know every features of the home theatre before buying it because home theatre systems are a long-term investment. These are some of the amazing home theatre with affordable price under 10000 rupees 2021 and you can get some decent and strong speakers without any trouble.

Are you interested to know about best home theatre system under 10000 in India 2021? if you interested in speaker system to read this post completely.

Here we are coming with world’s best home theatre system under 10000 rupees with our best speaker system list to make your decision easier. in this post we give a list of best home theatre under 10000 in India. if you want to know read this post completely.

So, let’s start to check the list of worlds best home theatre system.

Best Home Theater Under 10000 In India 2021

Best Home Theater Under 10000 In India

1. Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 9000 PRO Dolby

Best Home Theater System Under 10000 In India

Zebronics is one of the famous Indian electronics company that has build its name in computer segment over many times. Known for its affordable audio devices.

The Zeb-Juke Bar 9000 Pro Dolby soundbar has a strong build with attractive design that may provide best music overall this is best product with less price.

Build Quality & Design:

As we have given information about device, the Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 9000 PRO Dolby features a amazing soundbar form factor with an accompanying subwoofer which provide you better experience.

The manual controls are given on the top of the soundbar and feel very easy to click (press) and reach.

The USB port has found at backside of the sound bar. There is SD card slot on this speaker system provided backside of the soundbar.

This soundbar is comes with rubber padding in the bottom to keep the speaker very stable on a flat surface that is really great.

The design of the soundbar with metallic body and plastic finish looks elegant. The overall device quality is amazing with no noticeable any weak points.

Speakers & Sound Quality:

The Zeb-Juke Bar 9000 Pro Dolby soundbar contain four amazing speakers on either side of the soundbar and a separate subwoofer unit for perfect music.

The total audio output power of this soundbar system is 120W(60W+60W) RMS, which is the really great when compared to other products on this list.

This soundbar system is clear, loud, and has deep bass that is unmatched in its category.

Soundbar delivers crisp and Crystal clean vocals with nice treble notes.

Additional Features:

Its multi driver setup ensures that music flows all around the room. The sound bar is also stable on a flat surface too.

The powerful and stylish sound bar with 120W RMS output and amazing subwoofer with 16.51cms driver for loud and high bass.

ZEB-Juke Bar 9000 Pro comes with attractive stylish design. Its minimalistic and adaptive form will adjust in any room.


Soundbar comes with 1-year warranty period.


Speaker TypeSubwoofer, Tweeter, Soundbar
Connector TypeBT, USB, AUX, HDMI
Power Output120W
Special FeaturesSubwoofer
Warranty1 Year

2. boAt Aavante Bar 1500 2.1 Channel Home Theatre Under 10000 In India

Best Home Theater System Under 10000 Rupees

boAt brand earphones and headphones are very famous and also available in very less price range in India.

The Aavante Bar 1500 is a soundbar ia a home theatre speaker which delivers a extraordinary robust sound output which is better than other established brands in the same price range.

Build Quality & Design:

As we have already informed, the boAt Avante 1500 gives a soundbar form factor with an amazing subwoofer.

The manual hand controls are given on the right side of the powerful soundbar and feel a little bit hard to reach and press.

The USB port has also given at right side of the soundbar. There is no SD card slot available on this boAt speaker system.

The exclusive design of the soundbar with sharp accent lines looks stylish and attractive. The overall build quality of speaker is good with no observable weak points anywhere.

Speakers & Sound Quality:

The boAt Aavante bar 2000 contains of four component speakers on either side of the device and a extraordinary subwoofer unit.

The complete sound output power of this soundbar is 120W RMS, which is the maximum when compared to other devices on this list.

This 2.1 speaker system is very loud, clear and has amazing deep punchy bass that is incomparable in its category.

The vocals and higher-end notes have good segmentation, making the sound output feel more lovely and ear friendly.

Additional Features:

The boAt Aavante bar 1500 provides smooth Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming from devices.

The subwoofer has a sound output power of 60W which helps it deliver great bass that will satisfy the listener.


1 year warranty from date of purchase of this product


Speaker TypeSoundbar
Connector TypeWireless, Bluetooth, USB, AUX, HDMI
Power Output120W
Special FeaturesSubwoofer
Warranty1 Year

3. Sony SA-D40 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System

Best Home Theater In India Under 10000

Sony is the world’s leading electronics brand having years of experience in the home appliances and electronics gadget market.

The SA-D40 from Sony is a mid-range 4.1 home theatre system that delivers one of the best bass professional sound output in its budget friendly price range. It is best home theater under 10000 2021.

Build Quality & Design:

This amazing home theatre system from Sony has a minimal, industrial and attractive design that focuses more on practicality.

This simple, single color design is bound to match all kinds of home interiors with ease.

The build quality feels very premium and strong durable. The level of attention to the fit and attractive finish of this home theatre system is faultless.

Sony has offering a multi-function remote control which is also very easy to use like master even for a fresh user.

The controls and the USB port is located on the front side of the subwoofer, and that is also very easy to use.

Speakers & Sound Quality:

The Sony SA-D40 is a 4.1 home theatre system. It provides four component speakers with a single subwoofer.

The complete sound output power of these speakers is 80W out of which the subwoofer comes at 42W.

This is very enough to cover a medium-sized room or hall with loud sound output. Sony is popular for its bass-heavy speakers and the condition for this device is no different as well.

These speakers can provide bass notes as low as 40Hz and high as up to 20000Hz to include the vocals and treble notes.

The bass is crisp, crystal clean and it will provide purest form of music.

Additional Features:

The Sony DA 40 is perfect fit for your TV, PC, DVD or any other music player with Bluetooth or aux-in port connectivity.

The Sony SA-D40 is able to provide bass-rich sound output 4.1 home theatre system with strong build quality and attractive sound output quality.


Device has 1 year large warranty period.


Speaker TypeMultimedia
Connector TypeWireless, Bluetooth, USB
Power Output80W
Special FeaturesSubwoofer, Remote Control
Warranty1 Year

4. Philips MMS8085B/94 2.1 Channel Convertible Multimedia Speaker System

Best Home Theater System In India Under 10k

Philips is a company that needs no introduction for Indian customers. The company has been in business for providing us best and durable product.

The Philips MMS8085B is a tower form factor 2.1 home theatre speaker system in very affordable price range under Rs.10000.

Build Quality & Design:

The Philips MMS8085B as we informed above, has a best tower speaker form factor.

This means the vertical length of these speakers is significantly more than many other multimedia speaker systems in this price.

The Philips MMS8085B speakers can be double if placed horizontally to the surface without the included stand. If you able to use it as a upper speaker, attach the provided base plate to the box.

These amazing satellite speakers is made from good looking ABS plastic whereas the subwoofer part is made from MDF matter.

The complete design is very minimal and stylish for the eyes. The multimedia control buttons are available on the top side of the speaker bar.

Speakers & Sound Quality:

The Philips MMS8085B has a overall sound output of 80W which is very sufficient for use in bit small rooms and office.

The overall sound quality from this amazing home theatre speaker system is very much attractive and feel awesome while listening at the price.

The bass scale is on point without overcoming the vocals or the treble notes, making the audio output charming to all type of listeners independent of the style.

The tower shape of these speakers looks very stylish and lets the sound spread almost close to the ear level of the user, magnifying the clarity.

The subwoofer is given towards the down side and the large air column on top makes the bass sound very attractive and ear friendly.

Additional Features:

Philips gives a one-year warranty on this speaker system.

Philips home theatre system in a 2.1 configuration with large 80W sound output power.


Product has 1 year large warranty period.


BrandPhilips Audio
Speaker Type2.1 Channel Speakers
Connector TypeBluetooth, SD Card, Audio-in, USB, 2RCA to 2RCA cable
Power Output80W
Special FeaturesConvenient Speaker-top volume & power control
Warranty1 Year

5. JBL SB110 by Harman Powerful Wireless Soundbar

Best Home Theater Under 10000 RS

JBL is an American audio appliance manufacturer popular for its segment of speaker systems and music devices such as headphones and earphones.

The SB110 from JBL is a digital soundbar speaker system with a subwoofer for best signature bass sound.

Build Quality & Design:

The JBL SB110 has a shiny plastic body finish with a metallic railing in the front covering the front side blasting speakers.

The multimedia control buttons are provided at the top of the chassis and are very fast responsive to the press.

Wall mounting brackets are given in the box so you can fix this soundbar system on the wall without any troubles.

The JBL SB110 soundbar system has remote control technology so you can control volume and skip songs with a single remote. This is really a great feature.

Speakers & Sound Quality:

The JBL SB110 comes with a high-quality subwoofer for a heavy bass and crispy sound experience.

Usually, soundbars come with very reach features like full-range large speakers and tweets and also feels heavy bass in such a good price range.

The large range speakers, tweeters and subwoofer provide amazing quality audio output with zero disturbance in voice even at maximum volume levels.

The total audio output power from this JBL large speakers is rated at 110W.

Additional Features:

Even though the JBL SB110 also provides a USB port, it is for service intension and can’t be play media sound from removable storage devices.

The JBL SB110 comes with Dolby audio and delivers a large range sound without any distortion.


JBL SB110 providing 1 year of warranty.


Speaker TypeSoundbar
Connector TypeWireless, Bluetooth, HDMI
Power Output110W
Special FeaturesBuilt-in microphone
Warranty1 Year

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